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What We Do

We provide both LIVE training and on-demand courses for notary education and development. LIVE classes are available for groups upon request, while our on-demand courses are accessible 24/7. In addition to notary education, we offer comprehensive support, business guidance, and marketing advice through our YouTube channel and Facebook notary support group.

What's included in the courses?

To enhance information retention, our courses incorporate a variety of effective methods, such as presentations, downloadable sample documents, engaging activities, and comprehensive exams.

Become a FL Commissioned Notary

Prepare for a successful career as a notary in Florida with The Notary Education Group's state-approved courses. Whether you're aiming to become a traditional notary or a remote online notary (RON), our on-demand online courses cater to your needs. Please note, you must first become a commissioned traditional notary before pursuing a RON commission.

Our comprehensive courses include a notary packet that simplifies the process. Simply fill out the packet and mail it back to our bonding agency to get started on your path to becoming a commissioned notary in Florida. Join us today and unlock the opportunities that come with professional notary services in the Sunshine State.


Exclusive Mentorship

Our Notary Mentorship Program is tailored for committed individuals seeking expert guidance in their notary journey. With direct access to experienced mentors, you'll receive personalized assistance, expert insights, and access to essential resources to accelerate your learning. Our mentors will provide support in navigating complex procedures, securing appointments, and mastering best practices. Whether you're starting out or aiming to enhance your skills, our program offers continuous support to help you become a knowledgeable and confident notary public. 

Our Library

Discover the Notary Education Group Library, your ultimate resource for diverse sample documents, business forms, and more! 

Key Features:
  1. Document Variety: Access a broad range of sample documents and forms, covering all notarial needs, from standard forms to specialized agreements.
  2. Videos: Replays of live meetings, workshops, and training videos will be added to the library. They will be listed on YouTube, with private access.
  3. Lifetime Access: Pay a one-time fee for unlimited access to the Notary Education Group Library throughout your career, with no additional costs for updates.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate the library with our intuitive interface, designed for both seasoned notaries and beginners.
  5. Expert Curation: Curated by notary education experts, our library offers documents selected for their practicality and relevance.

Invest in the Notary Education Group Library for a lifelong tool to enhance your skills, stay informed, and simplify your notary practice.

Check Out Our Blog!

The Notary Education Group blog is your go-to resource for comprehensive and insightful content on all things related to notary public education. Explore a wide range of topics, from essential notarial principles to best practices, empowering you to excel in your notarial journey.  Check it out here.